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Who are we?

AIDS New Brunswick is a non-profit, membership-driven organization, governed by an elected Board of Directors consisting of subject matter experts, community stakeholders and PLWHIV. The membership consists of clients and volunteers as well as supportive individuals and organizations from the province.

The board of directors meets quarterly and an Annual General Membership meeting is held to present an annual report, financial statement, and plans for the coming year. The annual general meeting provides an opportunity to consult with the membership and vote on motions and bylaw amendments. Additionally, the agency holds an annual forum for People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHIV) to hear and address any concerns, ideas or needs from clients. This is an opportunity to increase meaningful involvement from the client population as well as provide a peer supported environment.

What do we do?

AIDS New Brunswick has two main focuses: the education, support, and prevention of STBBIs (sexually transmitted and bloodborne infections) and harm reduction that supports safer sex and safer drug use.
AIDS NB has a main office in Fredericton and satellite offices in Bathurst and Miramichi. All three sites supply equipment for safer drug use and safer sex such as sterile needles, pipe kits for safer smoking, fentanyl testing strips, condoms, lube, and more.